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Albert Ho

General PartnerAlbert got started as a serial entrepreneur by writing the very first version of Course Hero in 2 weeks, which grew to recently be valued at $3.6B. Albert also co-founded 121nexus, a biomedical tracking company, acquired and rebranded to Soom in 2015, growing to $10M+ ARR. Post acquisition, Albert worked on the early product teams at notable Silicon Valley unicorns Teespring, Checkr, and Chime. He also co-founded, a Y Combinator-backed startup making a no-code builder for embeddable apps. Albert graduated with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.

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Dan Hussain

General PartnerDan has worked for NASA, Northwestern, Siemens, and the law firm Frommer, Lawrence, and Haug, LLP. He is an expert in the filing and prosecution of patent applications, and is an inventor on over 20 patents. Dan won the Siemens Westinghouse National Science Award, a national award given to one team in the United States for engineering excellence. According to Science Magazine, this is a junior Nobel Prize. Dan is currently pursuing a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. He continues his interest in astrophysics and space exploration through his participation in the International Mars Society, of which he was a Founding Member. Dan is also the President of our affiliated company, American Patent Agency PC. He graduated with a degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from MIT.